Speech & Language therapy apps for aphasia, brain injury, stroke, dementia and autism


Apps to promote rehabilitation, interaction and education

Neuro Hero apps are created by Speech and Language pathologists. They provide rehabilitation and education for those living with speech and language difficulties that often follow stroke, brain injury, dementia, aphasia, autism and a range of other conditions.

Our new Talk Around It apps are now available on iPad and Android tablet. They are available in British English, American English, Spanish, Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese. Our original Talk Around It apps are available on Windows and OS X. For news and updates about future apps for stroke, brain injury, dementia, aphasia, autism and other conditions please like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

Talk Around It apps

Features now included.

  • Customise
  • Select your client’s Favourite exercises
  • Track progress
  • View test results
  • Available in British English, American English, Spanish, Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese.