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Apps for Aphasia, stroke, brain Injury, dementia and autism

Apps for professionals and families working to make life better after brain injury, dementia, autism or stroke.

Neuro Hero’s Talk Around It apps use evidence-based therapy and cueing hierarchy to help with word retrieval.

The exercises present over *900 audio and written cues with a semantically linked set of words including Home, Nature, Men and Personal. The Test feature includes a variety of tests which automatically record the patient’s score. The Progress Reports are ideal for Speech and Language Pathologists who need to access an overview of their patient’s progress. You can customise the number and type of images shown in the exercises by using the Picture Library. You can also create a personalised Favourites list. Talk Around It is available in British English, American English, Spanish, Hindi., Brazilian Portuguese and Norwegian.

Download a Free version today and see how Talk Around It helps speech recovery.

*Talk Around It Personal includes over 800 cues

**Features such as Testing, Progress Reports and Picture Library are only available on iOS and Android.


Cost €19.99

This app helps you to name a variety of common personal objects e.g. clothing.
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Cost €19.99

This app helps you to name a variety of common animals and natural objects.
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Cost €19.99

This app helps you to name a variety of common masculine objects e.g. tools.
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Cost €19.99

This app helps you to name a variety of common household objects e.g. furniture.
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Word retrieval bundle

Talk Around It Bundles – €59.99

Talk Around It app bundles are now available for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. They include our suite of four Talk Around It apps at a 25% discounted price. Talk Around It bundles are available in British English and American English.

Who Talk Around It can help

People living with word finding difficulties that may have been caused by stroke, brain injury or a range of other conditions. It also helps friends and family to learn essential communication skills.