February 2011: Metaphysics and the Media

Metaphysics and the Media

In February 2011 I launched the Research & Hope website http://www.researchandhope.com/ the following year I founded Neruo Hero http://www.neurohero.com/. Both events were accompanied by a great deal of interest from the media. I have always hidden from cameras; as a consequence, there are very few family photos that include me. Now I find myself frequently posing for the press and speaking on the radio.

Remembering the time…

I remember the first time I was invited to appear on TV. For some reason, an image kept popping into my mind; I thought about how I typically started teaching classes in metaphysics. “What time is it?” I would ask the class. This was followed by many surprised and confident answers. Then I would follow with, “What is time?” I would get just as much surprise but very few confident answers. As I thought about why this scene was playing over in my mind, I remembered that among the complicated and intricate answers to the question ‘what is time’ my favourite was always this: ‘Time is the permanent possibility of change.’

In a way that thought has driven me to action from the time Steve had his stroke. Every second that passes represents an opportunity to make a change. No matter what the prognosis, as long as time is passing there is a chance to change the outcome.

Steve’s mantra

Despite missing the opportunity to attend school for most of his childhood, Steve had educated himself. He was one of the wisest and most intelligent people I have ever known. As his karate students struggled to inhale during another gruelling session, Steve would bellow, “This time will never come again! You are only cheating yourselves if you don’t make the most of it.”

No matter how I feel about sitting in front of radio microphones or TV cameras I believe in Steve’s words “this time will never come again” and I have to make each moment count so that in my future, I can look back and know that I didn’t waste any opportunity.


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