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“This is a wonderful program! Purchased as an aid for my 84 year old aunt post stroke, who was left with an expressive aphasia. Word finding difficulty was so frustrating for her. Almost immediately she began realizing that she has cues to use if she gets ‘stuck’ on a word. She enjoys using the program so much.”★★★★★
(By Delita R. Smileyon August 10, 2016)


“The app is well designed with a very clear layout and is intuitive with a library of clear pictures to choose from. There is a vast array of sound and written cues including first sound, first syllable, noise, information and sentence completion…………Overall, the app has a user-friendly interface and I would recommend”
(Jessica Allen, SLT Allen Speech and Language, Essex) Full review


“We found NeuroHero to be a very useful rehabiliation tool which allows the client to engage in therapy independently, which makes it ideal for repeated home practice. Clients were observed to engage well with the clear layout of the app and were motivated to use the app…………NeuroHero accommodates a wide range of interests in the various versions available which allows therapy to be tailored to clients individual interests.” (Clodagh O’Neill, Speech and Language Therapist)


Talk Around It is an app designed to help individuals with finding words or naming an object using both expressive and receptive language skills. I liked that the app was set up and ready to use the first time I launched it with my son and used a variety of outdoor objects to help him articulate what he saw. It would be great in speech therapy settings as well.
(The iMums)


Una app interesante, mejora las habilidades para nombrar las palabras deseadas, construir redes semánticas, desarrollar habilidades de comunicación… Aplicable a Alzheimer, derrames cerebrales o afasias. Muy dinámica, creativa y fácil de utilizar.(Ricardo) @Psicologiaesp


The fact that it allows one to personalize which pictures will show via the Picture Library makes the app very customizable. The Progress Reports chart is a real boon for the busy clinician. It’s also useful for the client who wants to have a visual of his/her progress.(Carla Krishan Cuadro, Speech – Language Pathologist)


I’m happy to see a series of apps that break down topics more clearly (home, nature, person, etc.). I’m impressed with the choice of American, British, and Spanish vocabulary options too. Some of the best features are the real photographs of items and the variety of prompts, like phonological and semantic cues. One tweak I’d like to see is a better matching of singular and plural nouns between the audio and picture, so that if the audio says “blueberry” the picture does not show multiple “blueberries”. Future versions could perhaps break down the vocabulary list into high vs. low frequency words to help scaffold therapy for clients.

Overall 4 stars. It’s a pretty solid picture naming application with great built-in prompts and a variety of quality pictures. This is definitely something I would use with clients working on expressive vocabulary and word finding.
(Marissa Artman, M.A., CCC-SLP Owner, Second City Speech)


John E Pierce
@neurohero Impressive! I like the thought that has been put into the categories (men,personal..)
(@JohnPierce85 Twitter)


Bilingual Speech Therapy Resources for Speech Therapists & Clients
What I love about this app: It has a feature where the progress of the client is consistently monitored, as the app takes data each time the client uses it and compiles it into a beautiful graph.
(Lindsay Oesch, speech-language pathologist,)Full Review


Published in the IASLT magazine
The Neuro Hero Talk Around It apps have therapeutic benefit and shall be a good medium within treatment to target word finding deficits for specific cohort of patients…..I would recommend these apps and will have then in my therapy tool box.
Really great app for those with speech or language difficulties. Would Reccommend.
(Sinead Brosnan, SLT)


Plus sign ★★★★★
Would definitely recommend to minders or families.
(by ChaCha12345678910 – Version 1.0 – May 26, 2014)


Neuro Hero – fantastic app ★★★★★
Really great app for those with speech or language difficulties. Would Reccommend.
(by Hegaj – Version 1.0 – May 24, 2014)


Helpful and Clear ★★★★★
The videos are clear and succinct with helpful messages. A well laid out app with plenty of useful information. User friendly and educational for all concerned. Highly recommend.
(by ArFheabhas – Version 1.0 – Jun 11, 2014)


This app has the potential to be a very useful tool to aid in the generalisation of strategies learned in one-to-one therapy sessions
(Kerrie O’ Grady, member of IASLT)


Talk around IT nature app will help to plug the need of apps in the adult rehabilitation field.
(Dawn Ring Rose, Limerick SLT services, Ireland).


This app can be used for children with mild- moderate learning disability to effectively elicit word finding
difficulties as well.
(Marie Donegan, Vice Principal, HFS, Charleville, Co.Cork, Ireland).


Visually this app looks really well. The pictures are clear and the layout of the app is understandable and user friendly. The cues available are thorough and easy to understand. It’s useful that there are both written and sound cues available. I could definitely see this being useful in therapy.
(Eimear Walsh, SLT student UCC,Cork).


Like the idea of the app and it works on the appropriate domains for word finding (category, function etc.).
(Lisa O Sullivan, SLT, Singapore).


Easy to use app. Clear pictures and nice interface. Accessible for children.
(Trudy Smith, Private Practitioner, Singapore)


I like the app and the clarity of the pictures.
(Anonymous SLT Manager)