From Madrid to Dublin with Neuro Hero

From Madrid to Dublin with Neuro Hero

Having lived in Madrid, Spain all my life I decided to pack my things and move to Ireland for an internship. I can say that moving abroad was the best decision I ever made. My internship at Neuro Hero started in February 2015 and before working here I didn´t know a lot about communication conditions such as aphasia. Neuro Hero has produced software to help people with word finding difficulties. It is called Talk Around It and it’s a great tool enabling people to practise effective exercises. My grandma lived with Alzheimer’s during her final years and the only exercises we could find were too childish for a person in her early 80s.

Although Talk Around It is not designed for language learners I have used it to increase my vocabulary and found it really useful. So far I’m grateful to be surrounded by Irish people so my English has improved hugely. And not just that, I have learnt and enhanced as a professional, being involved in every aspect of marketing a digital product within a start-up.

If you love travelling and discovering new cultures while gaining experience in your field, I can assure you that an internship abroad is a great opportunity. So far this experience has been the best of my life and I’m looking forward to see what the future holds for me.

Víctor Palacios

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