May 2014: Words of encouragement

May 2014: Words of encouragement

This morning started with more than a little embarrassment. I work in an open plan space surrounded by around 30 people from other companies. I read a review written by a woman living with Aphasia and I found it difficult not to show my emotions. She downloaded our One Skill Video app and wrote a review on Google Play to express her excitement and relief. She wrote:


‘Helps so much in educating others to help me more and perhaps repair relationships who didn’t understand or believe was brain injury. I can’t wait to see the rest if the apps. I have been hoping for something like this- so people would not patronize me, put words in my mouth or keep ending up with bills I didn’t want or should have to pay. Tired of the taken advantage of and hopefully this being passed around inner circle will help with their disgusting behaviour. Very excited! I literally am getting a voice again that doesn’t get “episodes” & again has clout to pull.’: (by Andrea)


We have been working so hard to make a difference to the lives of people living with communication difficulties and their families. We meet so many challenges and obstacles that there are times I find it difficult to sustain my optimism. Then I come across a review like this or I speak to someone who is using one of our apps and I feel a renewed sense of energy and excitement about our work.


I am so grateful to people like Andrea, who take the time to inform others and to fortify our drive to keep working.



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