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Neuro Hero creates Speech and Language Therapy apps using evidence based exercises. We are delighted to announce that our Hindi app, Meri Vaani /  मेरी वाणी, is now available following six months of research and development. Download the FREE version for iPad or Android today!
Meri Vaani /  मेरी वाणी is the first Hindi Speech and Language Therapy app designed to help people with word finding difficulties. The exercises provide a structured approach to confrontation naming using audio and written cues. The app  promotes working with a communication partner while practising word retrieval techniques based on Semantic Feature Analysis.


Meri Vaani includes a variety of Tests and the option of viewing Results andProgress Reports. Patients can continue therapy at home under the guidance of a Speech and Language Therapist.

Meri Vaani  /  मेरी वाणी  Free Download

Download the FREE version of Meri Vaani today on iPad or Android. If you have any questions about our work please visit or send an email to


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