Mission Statement

The problem

‘Our ability to interact with our family, friends and community in a meaningful way is essential
to our sense of well-being and general health. When this ability is reduced by conditions such
as stroke, brain injury or dementia, the impact can be immense’ (Seeman:1996).

Feelings of isolation may lead to depression. This often has a negative impact on our ability to perform the general activities of daily living such as washing, dressing and shopping for food (Chemerinski et al, 2001).  Therefore, it is essential that therapy for people with cognitive or neurological difficulties should include ways to enhance social companionship. (Hilari and Northcott:2009).


Neuro Hero’s approach

We are determined to enhance the potential for interaction and social companionship through our apps and videos. We aim to include family and friends in the process of rehabilitation. We want to help them to learn essential skills that can make communication easier.

Our products are created and tested by Speech and Language Pathologists. We are committed to working side by side with health care professionals, people who are living with communication disorders as well as their families and friends.


Why Neuro Hero can help

The theory of Neuroplasticity suggests that our brains have the ability to change their structure and function in response to changes in our environment (Kolb et al:2008). When you provide the right challenges after a brain injury, it may be possible to stimulate recovery (Chapey:2008). We aim to provide challenges that have the potential to improve your quality of life through rehabilitative exercises and social interaction.