My time at Neuro Hero

My time at Neuro Hero

As my time working as an intern at Neuro Hero draws to a close, I am able to reflect on the last 3 months as one of the most eye-opening times of my life. Between an education and an internship abroad, I have been able to learn an incredible amount in such a short time, about Ireland, Speech-Language Therapy, the latest innovations in therapeutic technology, and maybe most importantly, about myself.

I came into my time in Ireland with a completely open mind – I had no idea what the semester would have in store for me, and I was willing to take it all as it came. One pleasant surprise was how warmly I was accepted into the Neuro Hero team. Here I did not feel just like “the intern” – I was part of the process, my thoughts and opinions held weight, and I was learning so much about my field, Speech and Language Therapy, every step of the way.

I was able to do extensive research into the most recent technological innovations of the field, not only for my own background understanding of the market Neuro Hero is a part of, but also for social media purposes and for competitor analysis. I was able to conduct research related to updates that are being made on the Neuro Hero website, and also to the Research & Hope website, a related venture taken by CEO Aviva Cohen relating to alternative post-stroke therapies. Through all of this research, I feel I am put in a position ahead of many of my peers within my field, because the current educational curriculum back home in the States is not keeping up strictly with all of the technological innovations that are happening everyday; it’s just not feasible for them to do so. Having experience with this will make me a better Speech-Language Therapist down the line.

Not only has Neuro Hero been beneficial to me professionally, but also personally. In America, work culture tends to be much more cut and dry; I have worked with people that I’ve never had a personal conversation with, as the culture is more about productivity as opposed to personal relationships. In Ireland, particularly at Neuro Hero, I developed relationships with Ian and Aviva that I will be forever grateful for. I felt appreciated, as if the work I was putting in and the knowledge I had in my field was important, and that is something that has been really unique in my experience here.

I have confidence in my professional identity that I never had before, and my aspirations are now higher than I ever would have set for myself before this experience. Seeing Speech-Language Therapy from an intercultural perspective and extensively researching the future of the field has opened my mind to think about my future on a larger scale, and I aspire someday to make a contribution to the field that is as important as the one Aviva has made with Neuro Hero, the Talk Around It apps, and all of the work she is doing currently to improve the lives of those living with speech disorders and other disabilities.

Jhonna Egan

Trainee Speech and Language Therapist
University Massachusetts, USA

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