Apps for aphasia, stroke, dementia, brain injury and autism:

Improving interactions

Neuro Hero specializes in developing apps to help people with word finding difficulties often associated with stroke, dementia, brain injury or autism. Developed by Speech and Language pathologists our Talk Around It apps use evidence-based therapy and cueing hierarchy to help with word retrieval.

Our FREE One Skill Video app teaches a variety of techniques to make communication easier and to promote recovery.

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Talk Around It Speech and Language Therapy apps provide a set of exercises and testing for people with word finding difficulties such as anomia or aphasia. Why not try the free version today?

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aphasia apps, stroke apps

One Skill videos take less than 3 minutes to watch. Each video explains one key skill to make interactions easier with those who have a communication difficulty. Download your free app now.

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Watch a Video about our Talk Around It Speech and Language therapy apps