July 2014: Speech and Language App: Making changes

Speech and Language App: Making changes                         

Updating our app: an organic process

Part of my work with Neuro Hero includes gathering and documenting customer feedback in order to review our app Talk Around It. Enhancing customer satisfaction is such an important element and can be often overlooked when developing digital products. Although our apps are developed by Speech and Language therapists we also need to see how our software is being used by independent therapists using our apps with patients in clinical or private settings.


Getting feedback from Speech and Language Therapists

So, for the last 3 weeks I have been speaking to therapists who use a range of apps, including our own, with patients. What struck me most is the level of customization each therapist needs to consider for each client; one patient may benefit from having a timer in the test function while another client may find it hugely frustrating. Adapting or providing options for these small but significant features can make an app a more efficient tool both for the therapist and for the patient. From my point of view I love hearing how Talk Around It is being used, the different conditions SLTs are dealing with and how they address their patients’ needs.


Updating the app

Focusing on what our customers need allows us to update features to improve effectiveness. The next few weeks will determine which features we keep and which we choose to reject. Our feedback tells us that a testing function is paramount, the decision on how to display this data will depend on the people who are most relevant to this project: Speech and Language Therapists and their patients.

If you are interested in hearing about our new products or in providing feedback on our apps please register your interest here.

Author: Roisín Carroll

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